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The Comosavona company, active since 1999, produces books on tipical Italian artists and sites. The Comosavona Books can be purchased in the bookshops of various Italian Museums and on this site.

All the children's books of the series 'Educative Look at Art Books' are written and illustrated by Irene Stellingwerff. Born in The Netherlands, but since a long time mainly active in Italy, where she arrived after graduation in a Dutch Academy of Art. After a year spent in an artist's village in the mountains near Tivoli (Rome) and various smal jobs, Irene found her way as a graphic designer. In 1990 she also becomes an official tour guide for Rome. It was this work of telling stories on history and art that made her decide to use her profession of graphic designer to produce her own children's books on art and historical places.

The pages of these books are made up of drawings, reproductions and photos, mixed up, cut out and overpainted with figures, just until they form the right stage for telling the tale. The result are unusual and playful stories that make it easier for the reader to assimilate the subject of the book.

The small books on Roman monuments are mostly written and edited by Saverio Capo (1949-2016) co-founder of the Comosavona company.

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