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Ara Pacis, the peace of Augustus

“The love and veneration for Rome of the Peoples of the Earth is due to the immense majesty of Peace”. Wrote Pliny the Elder almost a century after the battle of Actium, justifying the supremacy of Rome with its ability to ensure peace to a world previously tormented by war.
This book presents the finest details of the Ara Pacis’reliefs, and gives a brief historical account of the life of Augustus and his times.

ISBN: 88-87955-39-5

Editor: Comosavona

Written by Saverio Capo
Graphic design: Irene Stellingwerff

Translated by
Catherine McElwee and
Andrea Pepe

Name of the serie:
Roman Monuments

form: 15 x 15 cm – pages: 64
weight: 135 gr
look: completely illustrated, ivory

on black
language: English
other languages available: Italian




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