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Constantine's Arch

The refined architectural structure erected to celebrate the triumph of Constantine over Maxentius collects – like an anthology – four different series of reliefs made in honour of Trajan, Hadrian, Marcus Aurelius and Constantine himself.
This book illustrates the most beautiful particulars of the sculptural sets and presents them in chronological order in an innovative graphic layout. A short text tells the story of Constantine, of his arch and of his abandoning Rome, the old capital of the Empire, for Constantinople.

ISBN: 88-87955-03-4

Editor: Comosavona

Written by Claudio di Giuseppe
Graphic design: Irene Stellingwerff

Translated by
Catherine McElwee and
Andrea Pepe

Name of the serie:
Roman Monuments

form: 15 x 15 cm – pages: 64
weight: 135 gr
look: completely illustrated, white on black
language: English
other languages available: Italian




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