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Trajan's Column

The 2500 scenes that make up the celebration of the victory of emperor Trajan against the Dacians are the most beautiful sculptured complex of all Roman art. However, these works of art are hard to see because of the height of the column and the impossibility to go round it. The innovative layout of this book offers the visitor the possibility to appreciate the most interesting details, together with a story of the column and of the great Roman emperor.



ISBN: 88-87955-01-8

Editor: Comosavona

Written by Saverio Capo
Graphic design: Irene Stellingwerff

Translated by
Catherine McElwee and
Andrea Pepe

Name of the serie:
Roman Monuments

form: 15 x 15 cm – pages: 64
weight: 135 gr
look: completely illustrated, white on black
language: English
other languages available: Italian




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